Trial Run

It is very important to have a trial or practice run with hair and makeup before the special day to eliminate any surprises. To ensure your peace of mind, our service begins with a trial run of your chosen hair and makeup style, with a full consultation and professional advice. We have an extensive gallery of bridal hairstyle photos for you to browse through. We work with you to achieve the perfect look for your special day.

Our design team will guide you and help you chose the look that is best for you. We analyze your hair density, texture, length and color to determine the products, techniques and procedures to be used to create your desired design. Depending on the length, density and type of your hair our experts may recommend using hair extensions or hair piece to create the style you have chosen. It is a good idea to try out your selected hair style and consult with our design professional before choosing any hair accessories. Sometimes a simple flower may look better on a hair do than an expensive hair jewel. After your trial is completed we will keep the record of your preferred hairstyle.

Our artistry team will analyze your facial features and skin tone to determine the style and shades to be used to enhance your natural beauty. Our artists will use blending, highlighting and contouring techniques to create your desired look. They will emphasize on your most attractive features and minimize less appealing ones. Your look may be as natural or dramatic as you desire. Depending on the shape of your eyes and the length of your lashes, our artists may suggest using eyelash extensions to create a longer and fuller looking eye lashes. Our makeup artists will keep track of your face chart, colours and materials that were used to create your look.

Creative Hair Design

We select the most talented and creative hair designers who have passion in bridal hair design to be a part of our design team. Our talented hair designers are all cosmetologists who specialize in hair styling. Makeovers On Call provides advance trainings and updates to ensure our experts are all up to date with the latest techniques and styles. The art of hairstyling or dressing requires skills, talent and inspiration. Our inspiration is you, your theme and your ideas.

Our strong sense of creativity and artistic ability enables us to create a custom hair design tailored to your personality and event style. Whether your style is soft and romantic, elegant and sophisticated, vintage and unique, modern and contemporary, we can create a look that is perfectly suited to your image. Gorgeous chignons, up-dos, low-dos, side-dos, down-dos, half-up half-down hair styles, long loose curls, creative braids, finger waves, body waves, blow-dry, rollers, knots, twists, pleats – We can create it all.

Whether your hair is thin, short, long, flat, super curly, super straight, frizzy or dry we have solutions that meet all your needs. Our design team has the knowledge and expertise to work with all types of hair using professional tools and quality products creating exquisite and stunning hairstyles. Your hairstyle can be as simple or as complicated as you desire.

Hair Extensions

Reinvent your image while achieving a natural look. Add length, volume, thickness, color and style with only the two most advanced and gentle methods of application. We offer two different types of hair extension applications. Tape-In and Clip-In hair extensions are the latest breakthrough in hair extension attachments that are applied with semi-permanent methods. They are the most natural appearing methods and come in a wide variety of lengths, textures and colors.

Tape-In hair extensions are ultra clear thin strips and clip-In hair extensions are instant clips that are secured to the base of your natural hair in order to add length, volume, texture, or color. They are seamless, flat and thin with no bump and made with real human hair that can easily be curled, straightened and/or styled according to your desired hairstyle. Both are natural looking, light weight, very comfortable to wear, designed to be re-used and applied with no heat or chemicals. The removal process is quick, easy and does not damage your own hair.

In order to achieve a natural look, our professionals will blend your natural hair with the hair extension to match both the color and the wave pattern. Hair extensions could be the key to creating your dream wedding hairstyle. Most brides envisage their ultimate bridal look complete with the perfect hair. These days hair extensions are becoming a popular addition to the wedding budget. They certainly have the benefit with extra length, healthy texture or additional volume and color in a matter of minutes.


Fashion hairpieces are a great product for hair additions. They include pony tails, chignons, cascades, falls, wiglets, hair accents, volume enhancers and fillers. These hairpieces are lightweight, natural-looking products that add length, fullness, volume and color to your hair. They sit on top of your head, covering a portion of your hair that gets attached with a clip onto your nape area. Many of the newest fashion hairpieces clip on with pressure-sensitive clip or combs. The fashion hairpiece has openings in the base, through which your hair is pulled to blend with the natural hair of the hairpiece. Hairpieces are used only for all up hair styles. Our design team will recommend these to clients with short and thin hair. Our professionals will prepare your hair in a number of ways before the hairpiece is attached. Our goal is to blend the natural hair with the hairpiece to serve as a base. Hairpieces are perfect solutions for creating fuller looking hairstyles.

Makeup Application

Our highly trained certified makeup artists will use M.A.C makeup and high quality professional products and brands to ensure a flawless, picture perfect look. Our artists have the knowledge and the artistic ability to work with all skin types, tones, face shapes and facial features. Our artistry team will determine your needs; analyze your skin tone, hair color, eye color and your face shape to select makeup colors. Your look may be as natural or dramatic as you desire.

We have wide selection of products and colors that are designed for day time/night time, black/white and color photographs. Our products are light weight, long lasting, highly pigmented and have the perfect coverage. We use variety of high quality makeup brushes in different shapes, sizes and densities to create a perfect blending and balanced look.

Facial features will be accented with proper highlighting, subdued with correct shadowing or shading, and balanced with the proper blending techniques. Our artists will use the proper contouring or highlighting techniques to create the illusion of altering your facial shape and enhancing your facial features.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a method of enhancing the length and thickness of eyelashes. We offer two different methods of eyelash extensions, the band lash method and the cluster method. Eyelash extensions come in different sizes, shapes and textures that can be used to create a natural, trendy and glamorous look. Each lash application is a work of art with an intricate finish.

Cluster lashes are clumped of lashes bonded together in a V shape applied one by one to each individual lash. The band eyelash extension is a method that a thin strip of lashes is applied lash by lash. Both methods are weightless, wonderful and truly transformative. Eyelash adhesive is used to make artificial eyelashes adhere, or stick, to the natural lash line.

Eyebrows and hair removal

Our professionals use the combination of threading and tweezing techniques to shape the eyebrows and remove the unwanted facial hair. This is the best way to prevent redness, rashes and breakouts for people with sensitive skin. It is used to give clean lines, perfect shapes and create a nice arch for the eyebrows.